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My Slice of Forever (hammered dulcimer, guitar, bass, vocals) showcases diverse music that blends Helen’s musical style with Eric’s wildly different style. The CD includes Eric's original music, a couple of joint creations, some traditional Celtic tunes, and more. Most of the tracks are collaborations. Eric and Helen each have one solo track. ("Danny Boy" is solo hammered dulcimer; "My Slice of Forever" features Eric on two guitars, bass, and vocals.)

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Occupational Euthanasia
This song marks the beginning of Eric's foray into “Occupational Angst” music. The subject, outsourcing, is all too familiar to many people who work in the Information Technology world.

Rights of Man
It’s said that this traditional fiddle tune was written to celebrate Thomas Paine’s pre-revolutionary war tract by the same name. With tunes like this, no wonder we won the war!

Tin Foil Hat
Eric offers this homage to the paranoids and conspiracy theorists out there. You know who you are…

George Brabazon
This arrangement was born when Helen decided that Eric should try laying a guitar lead over one of Turlough O’Carolan eighteenth century tunes. The decidedly non-eighteenth-century guitar work has led us to privately christen this piece, “Roll Over, Turlough”!

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The Wild West is Where I Want To Be
When Helen began playing back-up, three chords were the most she could handle. She was delighted to find that this old favorite of hers by Tom Lehrer fit the bill.

Reel d’Montreal / Missouri
This pair of fiddle tunes was a favorite of Helen’s audiences before she and Eric started playing together. Now it’s a favorite of their joint audiences.

Bedtime Blues
One night when Helen’s son, Jeremy, was twelve or thirteen years old, Eric decided to teach him how to play the blues. When Jeremy's head began to nod, he insisted that he was wide awake and could stay up longer. Helen finally prevailed in getting Jeremy to bed, while Eric stayed up and wrote this song for him.

Danny Boy
An Englishman who never set foot in Ireland paired some of his existing lyrics to the Irish tune, “Londonderry Air,” and the rest is history. People everywhere recognize this enchanting melody.

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Folsom Prison Blues
When Helen’s son, Jeremy, first heard us play this song, he looked up wide-eyed and said, “Mom! Johnny Cash should have had a hammered dulcimer!”

Twenty-First Century Troglodyte   
Are you trapped, working in a cube farm at the bottom of the corporate food chain?  If so, this is the song for you!

Flowers of Edinburg
This traditional Scottish tune is one of our favorites – fun to play and to listen to!

Single-tasking Person in a Multi-tasking World
This song is another of Eric's “Occupational Angst” tunes. The title pretty much says it all…

My Slice of Forever Helen wrote the words to this as a poem for Eric. Eric set it to music as a Christmas present for Helen. They both love this song!